Reading lists

Students, practitioners academics and patrons have all expressed frustrations and anger at the blithe acceptance of neoliberalism. We all need to understand why this cannot continue. 

As such, we’re providing some bibliographies to counter much of the normative, positivist and neoliberal literature that seems preponderant, and that some LIS courses/modules are directing their students towards.

Unfortunately, some of these items may be behind paywalls that require expensive subscriptions. Access to such materials is often provided by academic institutions to their users under strict licencing conditions. If the items do not appear to be freely available, please contact and we will try and help you by searching for items that may be available via Green OA, whereby full texts of the document may be in an institutional repository, or through other such alternative platforms to traditional published outputs.

Siobhan Britton’s bibliography of zines/alternative literature, zine libraries, or social centres.

Dan Grace’s bibliography (a work in progress…), covering community resilience, the commons, public libraries and technology.

Kevin Sanders’ developing bibliography, primarily concerned with neoliberalism, LIS and scholarly communications.

Library Juice and Litwin Books also have a collection of titles which may be of interest.


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